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Harvilon 3G USB dongle - Full device features, specs

Are you looking to buy the Harvilon 3G dongle and want to get informed about its features and specifications before going for it? Then read this article and get informed about the features and specifications of Harvilon 3G USB dongle along with its price in India.

Dongles are nowadays gaining great momentum in the market of internet connectivity because of their size, compatibility, handling and price etc. They provide the best internet connectivity services wherever we go without any problems regarding roaming etc. Laptop-dongle combination has really proved a must have kit for those who use internet services in bulk. So, taking in consideration this demand for dongles, many companies are offering these mini devices with different features, specifications, price and designs.

In this article, I am going to describe the Harvilon 3G USB dongle manufactured by Harvilon Company. The launch of this dongle has really touched the heights of success and everyone prefers this dongle over all others similar gadgets available in the Indian market. Following are the features and specifications of this dongle:

Features and specifications of Harvilon 3G USB dongle


The design of Harvilon 3G USB dongle is really attractive. It has a curvy body with rounded edges and has a very slim look as compared to other dongles in this range. It is just 5mm thin, 3 cm long and 1 cm broad, making it easy to carry and handle it anywhere we go. It has a signal indicator on its upper side to indicate the type of network i.e. it flashes red when no signal is detected, green while using a 2G/GPRS network and blue while in a 3G network. So, its features regarding the design are really worth to be appreciated as it has turned successful in attracting customers in India to go for this mini internet device.

Connectivity and compatibility
Harvilon 3G USB dongle supports 2G as well as 3G networks via a SIM. You can use the SIM of any network service provider like Aircel, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, tata, BSNL,Reliance, S-TEL,MTNL,Unior,etc.


Other features
One of the main features of Harvilon 3G USB dongle is that while using the internet, it automatically compresses the data received/sent to save your internet data balance and thus is best for those who are using the limited data usage plan via theirs ISPs. Another feature of this mini device is that it synchronizes the contacts present in your SIM to help you to take the backup of your contacts on your PC. The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is also a plus feature of the Harvilon 3G USB dongle as it helps us to track the lost device when detected on a network.

Customer personal experience with Harvilon 3G USB dongle

I have been using Harvilon 3G USB dongle since last 1 year and I feel that this is the best device for the connection to the internet as I have never recorded any kind of problems regarding the connectivity of Harvilon 3G USB dongle with a laptop or a PC. Therefore, according to me, it will be the best bargain for you if you are looking to buy a 3G USB dongle at this price range. This mini device is really a must-have device for everyone who uses internet through PCs or laptops. This device offers the best ever service for connecting to international networks at a blazing fast speed.


This was all about the features and specifications of Harvilon 3G USB dongle. We tried our level best to give you a complete overview of this product Feel free to contact with us and looking forward to partners from all over the world!


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